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Civil Engineering for Roads

Roads are designed through public standards regulated by the local governing body or by private standards that need to consider the developmental needs of the private estate.

Public standards for public roads and commercial property development offer little flexibility in establishing design standards. The main concern with the development of these projects is usually passing through the regulatory requirements as smoothly and efficiently as possible, and roads in these instances are usually only a part of the projects development. These public roads will normally cost between $50 and $100 per linear foot. Design costs will run between 5 and 10% of construction costs. Grindstone Engineering can provide design and construction engineering services for these public road and commercial projects, from initial consultation to final acceptance and dedication.

Private standards for roads in estate development offer great flexibility and can be tailored to specific needs. Grindstone Engineering specializes in collaborative design and implementation of private estate development with Landscape Architects and other specialists. Tailoring private road standards to meet the long term needs of a master plan allow for creative design to shape private estates into signature developments. These services are our specialty, and can be designed for golf carts, horse and carriage, tractors, automobile country lanes, boulevards, disabled access, service alleys and construction services. Construction of estate roads is normally $5 to $20 per lineal foot, depending on topography, pavement, and design standards. Design costs are normally done on a project basis, construction administration services are normally on an hourly basis. The following is an example typical section developed for combined automobile/service access on a private estate.

Example Private Typical Section for combined Automobile/ Service access

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