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Helicopter Logging Appalachian Hardwoods

Verticle Lift & Descent

Helicopter Logging is expensive, with contract felling and flying costs running between $200 and $300 per MBF Doyle, or $30 to $40 per ton. Helicopter Logging is also very productive, with daily production between 80 mbf to 120 mbf Doyle in adverse weather. Since the timber is flown from stump to landing, low visibility and winds gusts are the only weather related delays. In general, the conditions for helicopter logging are a minimum cut per acre of 3-4 mbf Doyle, flight distance averages less than 1/2 mile, and a minimum total volume of 500 MBF. These conditions are in general, round averages, send an email with your specifics.

Helicopter logging has application for producing the winter time inventory quickly, has the ability to log areas inaccessible by other means, and has virtually no residual environmental impacts in the harvest area, due to the verticle lift of the timber. When roading or bridging costs are high, long term access is not needed, environmental restrictions are tight, helicoper logging should be considered as an alternative. It is a good idea to have a patch of helicopter logging ready to go for that "emergency wood", needed in the middle of the winter when logs can't get out any other way. "Just in time inventory"

Consulting to evaluate timber and topography for helicopter logging possibilities. Estimates of contract costs for felling and flying, designate log/ service landings, prepare timber for sale requiring helicoper logging, serve as contact with helicopter logging companies and coordination with support logging contractor.

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The following graphic shows both log and service landing space requirements for helilogging. Under special conditions these landings can be made smaller. Service Landing during Fueling

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