Logging Plans

We can help you to do logging plans by two methods. One by training your personnel, and the other by consulting on a project basis.

Logging Engineering Software and Training

Logging engineering software designed and evaluated for the tasks of efficiently developing logging plans and costing. Software featuring a suite of programs to effectively develop and analyze logging plans. Due to the rapidly developing GIS/ mapping software market, consultation can be provided to tailor specific needs to off-the-shelf recommendations. Software Modules for:

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Logging Engineering Services

Logging engineering involves the design, analysis, and implementation of logging systems which implement harvest prescriptions at the least cost and meets the land owners environmental objectives. These forest objectives commonly include: soil and water (BMP), visual, wildlife, timber, access, fisheries, and future development considerations. Logging engineers have special skills in the costing and planning of logging. The application of special logging systems is more efficient (cost less and have less impact) in certain "niche" situations. As with any specialization, advance planning is the key to insure success in each system's application. Logging engineers generally work with harvest planning at two different scales, Strategic (or pre-harvest) and Tactical (or harvest/ operational).

Strategic Logging Engineering Services

The Strategic level is concerned with broad coverage on large tracts. The main emphasis at the strategic level are: Logging System Identification & Application, Logging Road Standards Identification and Application, and Special Resources Identification and broad BMP & SFI compliance. The Strategic plan is primarily a map study of landlines, topography, timber inventories, and all other known information concerning the area. The map study is then developed with alternative harvesting systems and roading systems to meet landowner objectives. Identification of logging system needs are a primary result. Preliminary costing and landowner objectives are used to arrive at a preferred logging system mix and harvest alternative. The harvest alternative is then field reviewed in it's critical components and adjustments are made accordingly. The end result is a strategic identification of logging system needs, and a basis to develop tactical logging plans.

What does Strategic (Preharvest) Logging Engineering Cost?

The costs for strategic planning are in a range of $0.50 to $2.00 per acre, plus direct project expenses.

Click here to see an example slope map as a beginning for strategic logging system planning
Click hereto see an example strategic logging plan map.

Tactical Logging Engineering Services

The tactical (operational) level is concerned with the specific details of harvesting areas in a current timber sale or proposal. The emphasis at the operational level is to have planned, designed, and reconned all activities that will need to occur during harvest operations, in specific compliance with BMP (SFI if applicable) guidelines. The operational plan is primarily field based. The tactical logging engineering planning effort varies with harvest system. For example, skyline systems need to have field profiles run and analyzed, skidder shows on steep ground need to have roads field verified. Once the harvest area is identified, the strategic plan is reviewed to identify the logging systems and roading corridors necessary. All landings and road centerlines are flagged. Additional field data requirements such as road design and profile surveying are collected. Field data is analyzed and the results are transferred to the back to the woods. Cost estimates, detailed maps, and other data and reports are included in the final operational report.

What does Tactical (Harvest) Logging Engineering Cost?

Cost for tactical operational planning range from $1.00/ton to $1.50/ton harvested.

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