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Click Here to download map making software

This software is the result of extensive search for the easiest to use replacement for the ruler, eraser, protractor, and overlays used to make logging plans of the past. This software has been customized specifically for logging planning applications. About 1.4 megs and is windows 3.1 compatible (as well as 95 & 98).

Click here to download Graphics Workshop

This graphics program is simple to use to convert graphics file formats from one to another. Does what Adobe photoshop does for mapmaking applications, except this one is much less expensive. If you are into digital photography, this program will inventory all your photos with searchable keywords and comments and make indexed thumbnails for easy selection. This file is about 6 megs, and in order to use it you need to have 16 megs of ram and win95 +.

Click Here to Try the Logging Cost Calculator

This cost calculator has been designed with over 20 years experience in costing logging jobs. It can be custom tailored to your conditions. This calculator can be applied over the Appalachian Mountain Region.

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